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19th-May-2008 08:01 am
WELCOME TO prompt_dump!
Let your brainfarts run wild for an entire year! :D

The following "guidelines" can also be found in the community sidebar and profile, so you can skip these and move on ahead to the prompts list. XD

  • Anyone who's up for squeezing their creative juices can hop in!
  • After joining, submit your own batch of 52 prompts to prismarkings@yahoo.com or domz_303@yahoo.co.uk. It will be put up ASAP so that people can see it.
  • Then pick a prompt set that you would like to take a shot at. It is recommended that you complete 1 prompt per week (so that you will be finished in 52 weeks, or 1 year) but you can churn out more if your Muse is running high. (Of course, you shouldn't choose the prompt set that you submitted XD). When you're done, be sure to do your much-deserved victory dance before trying out another set.
  • Recommended Format for posting:
          THE PROMPT:
  • For a prompt, anything is allowed! Short stories, short play or film scripts, song lyrics, drabbles, essays, fanworks, drawings or sketches (digital or traditional art), comic strips, fan soundtracks, photographs... whatever floats your boat.
  • Have fun!


    Updated - June 17, 2008

    SET 01. Prompts by dadomz
    Status: TAKEN by tala_at_buwan

    01. It's not Lupus! | 01
    02. Young Folks Video, Peter Bjorn and John
    03. Scorching my seared heart with a pain, not hell shall make me fear again.
    04. What Happens in Burma
    05. Albert Camus
    06. Sixty-Four
    07. Enema
    08. Intentions do not matter when the end goals are similar
    09. Poseur
    10. The only sour cherry in the fruit stand
    11. Decadence
    12. Unbearable Lightness of Being
    13. Misdemeanor
    14. All of the time you thought I was sad, I was trying to remember your name
    15. Honeysuckle
    16. I don't mind you keeping me on pins and needles
    17. You're so afraid of what people might say but that's okay cause you're only human
    18. Where did you read my story?
    19. Stripper
    20. Memories of My Melancholy Whores
    21. Einmal Ist Keinmal (What Happens but Once.)
    22. Gestalt
    23. The Hungarian Suicide Song, Billie Holiday Version
    24. Moth-bitten
    25. And the noises that she made kept me awake
    26. Do you know where your heart is, do you know where to find it?
    27. Glove Compartment
    28. Hang me Up to Dry
    29. Got a secret, can you keep it? Swear this one you'll save, better lock it in your pocket, taking this one to the grave
    30. Timebomb
    31. Shoestring Potatoes
    32. Disembowel
    33. Misery Loves Company
    34. I'll be your platform shoes, undo what heredity's done to you, you don't have to strain, to look into my eyes
    35. Now, Macabebes!
    36. Sunbeam, stop tugging me
    37. Baby slow down, the end is not as fun as the start
    38. Rollercoaster
    39. Mother is God in the Eyes of a Child
    40. Soy Milk
    41. Puff the Magic Dragon
    42. Worrywart
    43. The Second of May, Goya
    44. The curiousness of your potential kiss, has got my mind and body aching
    45. Do You Remember?
    46. We sure are cute for two ugly people.
    47. Vitruvius Man, Leonardo Da Vinci
    48. I Was Born When Pluto Was Still a Planet
    49. Brain Juice
    50. Bestiality
    51. You Are So In the Closet You're in Narnia
    52. Street Car Named Desire

    SET 02. Prompts by aesires [FIRST BATCH]
    Status: TAKEN by dadomz

    01. Her flesh a map of scars. A map of the universe.
    02. The crime of killing time
    03. Waiting is an enchantment.
    04. Remembering is a labor, not a luxury.
    05. I had fallen in love and I had no language.
    06. Enjoy only what is forbidden.
    07. Fact is best left to fiction.
    08. I am the heretic and I crave your excommunication.
    09. Eve to my old Adam, tempting as a naked flame to my moth.
    10. I can look your God right in the eye.
    11. The wise are always in doubt. This is why fools rule the world.
    12. We've had this date with each other from the beginning.
    13. A Professional Cinderella
    14. Definitely no logic to human behavior
    15. Praying for love in a lap dance and paying in naivete.
    16. Caught a lite sneeze
    17. Fuck me, then. Save my soul.
    18. You'd be a good gunslinger if you actually knew how to aim.
    19. Hurt me; society doesn't like it when I do it on my own.
    20. I didn't know that we could break a silver lining.
    21. Aristocrats of emotions
    22. With the lights out, it's less dangerous.
    23. I am trying to say what I want to say without having to say "I love you."
    24. All we have are broken bones.
    25. Drove through ghosts to get here
    26. In the middle of my party, here's death, she thought.
    27. Got the Devil's haircut in my mind.
    28. Get out of those shoes and grow wings.
    29. So much sin, so little time.
    30. Blessed are the poor in spirit.
    31. She's incredible math.
    32. A kingdom burning with water
    33. All your fairies turn to dust.
    34. You're a part-time lover and a full-time friend.
    35. Goddess on her knees
    36. A religion of banditry
    37. Endless, a silent whisper
    38. For what gives value to travel is fear.
    39. But for the lovers, their arms round the grief of ages.
    40. It is the sea produces a habit of shores.
    41. I am to be pitied, not to be sold.
    42. Man is a god in ruins.
    43. Hopes on hold
    44. And then shit came in the form of You.
    45. Messiahs need people dying in their name.
    46. Wish Stick
    47. No Exit
    48. Tiny cities made of ashes
    49. Lying is done with words and also with silence.
    50. Flesh is the law.
    51. Proceed to dazzlement, Augustine.
    52. No soul. Vacant lots for eyes.

    SET 03. Prompts by i_l0ve_my_az
    Status: TAKEN by theladychia

    01. Sugarcanes in the easy morning
    02. Weather vanes my one and lonely
    03. Imagine
    04. Clockwork
    05. Episcopalian
    06. Everytime you walk away you take a piece of me with you
    07. Dreamworld
    08. Veni Vedi Vici!
    09. Cheroot
    10. Kissing the Lipless
    11. Marlena
    12. What Happens When The Heart Just Stops
    13. Gay Sons of Lesbian Mothers
    14. Jenny, Don't Be Hasty
    15. Tangled Up In Blue
    16. Daydream Believer
    17. Arguments Over Coffecups
    18. Feel No Shame For What You Want
    19. We Promised Each Other It's 'Til The End
    20. Thwarted Plans of Murder Attempts
    21. How Do Yo Measure A Year in A Life?
    22. Idolise Tabloid Lies
    23. Volvo Driving Soccer Mom
    24. Nothing Precious At All
    25. Blue Jeaned Baby
    26. First Day Blues
    27. Walks like Summer and Talks like Rain
    28. Wasn't to beg that I knelt
    29. Hello Sunshine, Come Into My Life
    30. A Thousand Churches
    31. Breathe
    32. I found the letters you wrote
    33. Even as I wait for death, you're wiser than I am
    34. Many a man is making friends with death as I speak, for lack of love alone
    35. The sweet of bitter bark and burning clove
    36. Beware, doll, you're bound to fall
    37. Ecstasy is all you need living in the big machine
    38. Like explosions in the sky
    39. I'll keep stealing, breathing her
    40. Like a book elegantly bound but in a language you can't read just yet
    41. Don't you waste me in the ground
    42. Too young to hold on, too old to just break free and run
    43. Everything Else is Secondary
    44. I am not who you think you are
    45. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars
    46. Life is the length of my smallest dream
    47. Electric Storm Video, U2
    48. Picture 1
    49. Picture 2
    50. Picture 3
    51. I See You, You See Me Video, The Magic Numbers
    52. I'm Glad I Hitched my Apple to Your Star

    SET 04. Prompts by theladychia
    Status: TAKEN by ravyn_ashling

    01. Flavor of the Week
    02. I Wanna Be Your Last First Kiss
    03. Savouring This Heart That's Healed
    04. I've Been Here a Few Times and I'm Quite Aware We're Dying
    05. Anything But Ordinary
    06. Around the World
    07. Don't Know Who I'm Kidding Imagining You Care
    08. Beautiful Disaster
    09. Blind
    10. I Wave Good-Bye Watching You Shine Bright
    11. Bullet in the Head
    12. Champagne Supernova
    13. Cherry Lips
    14. Coin-Operated Boy
    15. Con te Partiro
    16. Cross Me Off Your List
    17. Brothers and Sisters
    18. Dirty Little Secret
    19. Everybody Wants to Rule the World
    20. Ex-Girlfriend
    21. Fire Starter
    22. She Only Likes Me When I'm High
    23. The First Star I See May Not Be A Star
    24. Girl All the Bad Guys Want
    25. I Don't Like your Girlfriend
    26. I Just Broke Down
    27. Your Bestfriend is Not your Girlfriend
    28. Guilty Pleasure
    29. I Don't Dance
    30. I can't describe the joy they bring 'cause joy is something they don't bring me
    31. She can't see the way your eyes light up when you smile
    32. A falling star; at least I fall alone.
    33. Will I cry, will I smile, as we run down the aisle?
    34. King Without a Crown
    35. Lighthouse
    36. A flag in the wind that won't blow
    37. Everybody's gonna love today
    38. Lover I don't have to love
    39. Mocking bird
    40. A movie script ending
    41. My favorite game
    42. Out through the Curtain
    43. Paperthin
    44. The perfect fit
    45. Queer
    46. Second Chances
    47. Nobody said it was easy
    48. September
    49. She's a handsome woman
    50. London Bridge is falling down
    51. Slow Motion
    52. Stand in the Rain

    SET 05. Prompts by tala_at_buwan
    Status: TAKEN by i_l0ve_my_az

    01. echos in the mind
    02. beautiful letdown
    03. getting territorial
    04. Schadenfreude
    05. the forgotten muse
    06. Unidentifiable
    07. midnight cravings
    08. lingering memories
    09. The real deal
    10. ‘glamazons’
    11. phantasmagoria
    12. has beens and never was
    13. life's soundtrack
    14. ‘frenemies’
    15. viva la vie boheme
    16. apathy and solitude go hand in hand
    17. a Flaubert-ian Complex
    18. subjective beauty
    19. the mouse who pretends to be a cat and the cat who pretends to be a mouse
    20. out of character
    21. Creep Video, Radiohead
    22. subliminal messages
    23. the straight gay man and the gay straight man
    24. '...you have a boyfriend that looked like a girlfriend, I had in February of last year...'
    25. the taboo talk on colors
    26. PILFs
    27. a showdown between psycho killers and vengeful ghosts
    28. secret fetish
    29. sleaze is in context
    30. dumbing down love
    31. Invictus, William Ernest Henley
    32. Aristophanes’ myth on love
    33. ‘I’d be gay/straight for…’
    34. gender roles
    35. all unwritten
    36. serial monogamy
    37. “I’m committed.” “Happily?”
    38. the worst pick-up line
    39. vulgar ‘-ism’s
    40. why do men have nipples?
    41. lilting
    42. kibosh
    43. Xanadu
    44. What really happens during history
    45. 黒い涙(Kuroi Namida) - Deep Sadness Version, Anna Tsuchiya
    46. Shadow of Love, Olivia Lufkin
    47. An ex-flame that refuses to be extinguished
    48. The cult of Facebook, Multiply, Livejournal, Friendster, MySpace, etc.
    49. When ‘beautiful’ things are concerned, money is no object
    50. The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, T.S. Eliot
    51. The whore that is my country
    52. Keep It Gay, The Producers

    SET 06. Prompts by hamster_friend
    Status: STILL OPEN

    01. There's got to be more to life than being undead.
    02. Heaven is a bureaucracy.
    03. Hell is real estate.
    04. Rumplesnitz.
    05. A buncha meddlesome licks.
    06. Fairies stole me away, and that's not me living with my folks!
    07. Dear diary, I'm in hell. It's overrated.
    08. Grinding.
    09. "Sure, the memories hurt. But if you can hold on to them...sometimes they can make you strong as steel."
    10. "Dying without achieving your goals, or living on for years and realizing you will never achieve them -- which is worse?"
    11. When it comes down to it, steel truly is the best defense against the demons.
    12. Swift as the burning scirocco, beautiful as the glistening dunes...deadly as the coiled rattlesnake.
    13. As exciting as watching paint dry.
    14. Latina vampire in leather with whipped cream.
    15. Bad juju.
    16. Magic. Serious business.
    17. I am a magus, hear me roar.
    18. Yes, I'm smoking Silk Cut 'coz I've read too much Hellblazer.
    19. My dice hate me.
    20. Suddenly, chupacabras. Thousands of them.
    21. Blackberry.
    22. Isn't that lovely?
    23. Are you sufficently terrorized?
    24. But I'm jumping the gun here.
    25. I eat adobo.
    26. Zombies at your neighbors? Politicians raped mine.
    27. In Nomine.
    28. The universe is a musical score. Care to take notes?
    29. Herbert West, Reanimator
    30. Bojangles
    31. Through the Fire and the Flames
    32. Welcome to My Nightmare
    33. Mr. Crowley
    34. Master of Puppets
    35. It's a trap!
    36. MMORPG's...in Spain.
    37. Ninjas...in space.
    38. I went through the desert on a horse with no name.
    39. The Mats
    40. If the prof's not crying, you're doing it wrong!
    41. Kill it with fire.
    42. "You don't have to earn my love 'coz I'd just give it."
    43. From the Cradle to Enslave
    44. Decapitated yellow-spotted purple dodos.
    45. Tentacles!
    46. Wanker.
    47. The Way She Moves
    48. Don't drink and drive, smoke and fly.
    49. Gnomes coming down on rope ladders.
    50. Korean infestation!
    51. Ang Tianak ng Tondo™
    52. Gay orc with foulmouthed hobbit sidekick.

    SET 07. Prompts by batongbituin [FIRST BATCH]
    Status: TAKEN by aesires

    01. I was born to hustle roses down the avenue of the dead.
    02. She's like the town bicycle.
    03. Where is human nature so weak as in a bookstore?
    04. I perceived my inability to love.
    05. His bad case of idiocy proved terminal.
    06. Nonsense and beauty have close connections.
    07. They're into war like it's the January war sales.
    08. Be curious.
    09. And your very flesh shall be a great poem.
    10. All that I know about life, I have learned from books.
    11. Here there is no why.
    12. Deserve your dream.
    13. To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.
    14. In that night alive with stars and signs.
    15. If I never meet you in this life, let me feel the lack.
    16. I promise to keep on living as though I expected to live forever.
    17. Vanity is my favorite sin.
    18. You write fiction as though it were a painful duty.
    19. It is fun being in the same decade as you.
    20. Kneel only to truth, follow only beauty, obey only love.
    21. In the confusion we stay with each other.
    22. She is herself a dowry.
    23. History of breaths and thoughts, acts, atoms, and wounds.
    24. I've fucked corpses warmer than you.
    25. I am a qualified sorrow lifeguard.
    26. When did we forget our dreams?
    27. I am a batshit genius scientist prophet goddess.
    28. I feel exhausted and perfect.
    29. It's like shooting lonely, angsty fish in a barrel.
    30. The universe doesn't care what you believe.
    31. This graffiti is fleeting human contact.
    32. I wonder who you are.
    33. I met a girl in a dying world.
    34. We'll drive fast.
    35. The numbers become less important than your touches.
    36. I wonder if she lets anyone into that island of light.
    37. Fuck those people. Wanna have an adventure?
    38. You make forgetting look so easy.
    39. Why would you end her something broken?
    40. I don't know if your wings are real.
    41. The warm water was your voice.
    42. Email me dirty pictures of you with my name in marker
    43. We are terrible for each other.
    44. The walls keep closing in and we're running out of space.
    45. The past is just practice.
    46. There are plenty of fish in the sea if I run out of women.
    47. I hate trying to put my desire into words.
    48. Are we allowed to lust after you in secret?
    49. You burn brightly.
    50. Our love is like a katamari.
    51. Whatever the answer, sunrise always comes too soon.
    52. He just gets uncontrollably poetic around girls.

    SET 08. Prompts by batongbituin [SECOND BATCH]
    Status: TAKEN by alstair

    01. Color me blue, I'm lost in you.
    02. You're the only light I ever saw.
    03. I am sorry my conscience called in sick again.
    04. We're caught in the youth games.
    05. There's always repercussions when you're dating in school.
    06. You were the one I tried to draw.
    07. We are stardust, we are gold.
    08. Choose not the life of limitation.
    09. My heart is a box of secrets.
    10. I threw you the obvious.
    11. You've got the dreamer's disease.
    12. Makes city lights shine like diamonds.
    13. I've got a sunset in my veins.
    14. The best part of believe is the lie.
    15. I promise we'll be perfect.
    16. This planet built with steel.
    17. You look like the songs that I've heard my whole life come true.
    18. All those pretty men to tell you all those pretty lies.
    19. The heir to nothing in particular.
    20. You're my favorite book.
    21. I've got arrogance down to a science.
    22. When you spin around in your highest heels
    23. She packs her bag for outer space.
    24. Can i visit you at work, when you're sliding down the pole, no panties, no shirt?
    25. It's gonna take a whole lotta money.
    26. Listen carefully to the sound of your loneliness.
    27. I am at the center of the sun.
    28. If love was red, then she was colorblind.
    29. A journey I just don't have a map for.
    30. This memory of Eden haunts us all.
    31. The sweet decay of ecstasy.
    32. A frozen sun.
    33. Idle dreams.
    34. I lit my way with a scream.
    35. Beauty's disdain.
    36. This love hovers over us.
    37. Strange desires under friendly skies.
    38. Let me steal your soul from you.
    39. The wages of sin.
    40. This time, no tears.
    41. Take me to your shadowland.
    42. We follow the path of the slain.
    43. Wicked's the taste.
    44. I've fallen from grace because of her treacherous eyes.
    45. She's drawing down the moon.
    46. Wonders remain.
    47. It's a dignified disease.
    48. I search for you in this blindness.
    49. I'm a prodigy of lust and loss.
    50. You're waking up the dead.
    51. The love drug in your veins.
    52. I console myself that Hallmark cards are true.

    SET 09. Prompts by batongbituin [THIRD BATCH]
    Status: TAKEN by hamster_friend

    01. Fire into fog.
    02. Making the past your world.
    03. I touch your absence here.
    04. Eyes still smart with recent grief.
    05. Conceived in a whisper.
    06. The coffin confines of our crib.
    07. Wishing geography.
    08. His eyes the compass of his searching hands.
    09. Dark habiliments of Time.
    10. In concentrates of fury.
    11. And he was a poet too, sometimes.
    12. How many lies did it require?
    13. The pertinence of patience.
    14. Moving color of coal.
    15. The new rememberers.
    16. And, being animal, he wept.
    17. They'll pulverize the sea.
    18. The raw annoyance of young years.
    19. Your civilizing hands.
    20. Streets that scream in isolation.
    21. A stun of jewels.
    22. Thunder in the tongue.
    23. Doom-struck sky
    24. I know the loneliness of neglect.
    25. No song never ends.
    26. Darkness never falls.
    27. A battery of silence.
    28. I am haunted by the sadness of men.
    29. Lips are here in half-smile, and are cruel.
    30. A swathe of storms.
    31. Stale oaths.
    32. A holocaust of gesture.
    33. In the stupid dream of all our waking.
    34. A vacant hesitancy.
    35. Turtle-silence.
    36. Speech-eluded tongue.
    37. The waste of centuries is gray and dead.
    38. A torture approaching nothing.
    39. Proceed to dazzlement.
    40. With clumsy fists.
    41. Murder all imaginings.
    42. A sudden pagan for your eyes.
    43. The colors riot.
    44. Her thoughts were webs and jungle growth.
    45. No artist, he.
    46. Beggared stars free in the impersonal dust.
    47. You only now may yet survive the dark.
    48. For all sad words of tongue and pen.
    49. Tortured by some poetry he cannot explain.
    50. Pomp and loud magnificence.
    51. Deliberate searching by antique faces.
    52. Decaying distances.

    SET 10. Prompts by plapla_lord
    Status: STILL OPEN

    01. Tear down the walls of Babylon
    02. When humans have gone from the world
    03. And when it has been set in stone
    04. Play the note you know
    05. Faith is Eternal
    06. The Serpent’s kiss
    07. Like Iron, like steel, some things just rust and turn into dust
    08. Sit for awhile listen to the world
    09. See this fist? I’d love for your face to kiss it buddy
    10. Don’t wake me if I am dreaming
    11. Wag pagtuunan ng pansin ang mga walang kuwentang bagay
    12. Through the Gauntlet we must pass
    13. Sick and tired of the things I know
    14. Maybe you would like to back up your words?
    15. Ghosts are just dead people. And dead people stay dead
    16. Have your wits about you
    17. Death? It is easier to die than be hailed as a genius
    18. God first, the doctor Firster
    19. Three months left to live
    20. The heart is just another organ, deal with it
    21. Hindi mapagkakaila na kahit anong gawin mo magkakaroon ng bukas
    22. If the heart was the functional equivalent of the stomach what happens then?
    23. Anger is a drug, just like any other emotion
    24. My music is my passion, my pain, my frustration and my mask
    25. I need not tell you who I am; words are the most useless things after all
    26. Who am I? I’m the goddamn batman
    27. Why so serious?
    28. Reality is the only illusion we accept as real
    29. Let fools live forever. Only the wise choose to die
    30. As the leaves fall you are reminded
    31. Sa patak ng ulan, sabay dumadaloy ang dugo natin
    32. While I sleep, you leave my side for another
    33. Turn away to your projects and let your heart rot away
    34. What divides the genius and the insane?
    35. Time is never time at all
    36. You’re not anyone else but you. So stop thinking you can save the world alone
    37. Power Corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely
    38. The melancholic rain falls on the window pane
    39. The last piece of cheesecake that always makes you happy
    40. Even in death I serve
    41. Kahit ano pa man mangyari naririto lamang ako sa tabi mo
    42. Why should I be called EMO? I don’t slash my wrists
    43. Well Punk, the world doesn’t quite work out that way
    44. We crucify the insincere tonight
    45. Under the stars
    46. Dancing under the light of the pale moonlight
    47. What can one do in the rage of the dying light?
    48. I am bound to be the unavoidable consequence of you
    49. Fight with reckless abandon
    50. Bitter resolutions
    51. Bathala na
    52. Look in the left, the right, everywhere. What do you see?

    SET 11. Prompts by alstair
    Status: TAKEN by greyfable

    01. Compound complex
    02. Feverish
    03. Timed sessions
    04. Caprice
    05. Devolution of extremes
    06. Invariability
    07. Eleven seconds left and still waiting
    08. Reflective lights and overturned trash cans
    09. Grilled cheese sandwiches
    10. Rain-lashed corsairs
    11. Impoverished soul-less existence
    12. Alarm clocks are the death of me
    13. Simply green
    14. Scandalous enterprise
    15. Popsicle sticks and ice cream cones
    16. Besides living in a cardboard world
    17. Broken television sets and beer bottles
    18. Germaine
    19. Invisible ropes and visible space
    20. Organized in chaos
    21. After-effects of too much blue soda
    22. Snorkeling
    23. White-haired ladies in red stockings
    24. Painted houses
    25. Roundabout and Over the hill
    26. Canasta
    27. Inroads into a lost generation
    28. White-walled prisons and dangling cherubs
    29. Killed over a letter
    30. When nights never meet day
    31. Riverside trysts
    32. Conversations with a wall
    33. Impresario
    34. Never to tell
    35. Blanket approval
    36. Hindsight
    37. Peach, plum and gravitation
    38. Mimic
    39. Through the looking glass
    40. Nascent memories
    41. Mixed up
    42. White on black and blue on red
    43. Vanity fair
    44. Superimposed
    45. Facing twenty years
    46. Candy apples
    47. Mind your please and pass the salt
    48. Severity and frigidity
    49. A hundred dollar tip and a worthless pen
    50. Sleeping to the sound of heavy metal
    51. Afternoon crepes
    52. When things don't end up right except in dreams

    SET 12. Prompts by greyfable
    Status: STILL OPEN

    01. Itchy Knee
    02. When I was afraid of the dark, I...
    03. If I could have known you then
    04. Inches short
    05. Doing it twice
    06. A poem written in window condensation
    07. Twenty-second birthday
    08. Cards you keep
    09. The sky turned off, like a light bulb
    10. Imaginary sibling
    11. Touching toes
    12. Three hundred years from now
    13. Third point of view
    14. Ask, she knows
    15. If it were Sunday, I'd be happy
    16. Probability
    17. Holes
    18. Capsized
    19. Cello v. Viola
    20. Chunky puke
    21. Crayons
    22. Bed head
    23. Phone call last night
    24. Sharp, stabbing pain
    25. Wishes
    26. Shimmering
    27. Broken grip
    28. I'm still in love with you
    29. Secret question
    30. Without saying it
    31. Lincoln Logs
    32. Take the next step
    33. It's not that I want to leave...
    34. The stairs creek
    35. My sister bought a snake
    36. Hand on the breast
    37. Water fountain
    38. Hiding the evidence
    39. I'm glad I didn't listen
    40. Afterwards
    41. That's my corner
    42. Straight lines
    43. Habit
    44. You can't judge intentions alone
    45. Stolen pencil
    46. Knee-jerk reaction
    47. Red jacket
    48. Once, in High School
    49. The smell of you
    50. Crushed by its own weight
    51. Where'd s/he go?
    52. Best I can do

    SET 13. Prompts by aesires [SECOND BATCH]
    Status: STILL OPEN

    01. Crossed your heart but still I lied
    02. Take the plan, spin it sideways
    03. The calendar hung itself
    04. My mother had been around the graves of queens
    05. With a passion to die for
    06. Blood language
    07. Understanding is but the sum of our misunderstandings
    08. Bildungsroman
    09. We will always be in love
    10. How young is too young?
    11. Theater of cruelty
    12. Monsoon season
    13. Jesus high on wine weeping turpentine
    14. Thoughts for a newly old lover
    15. To my heart you hold the skeleton key
    16. You always build the Great Wall around you
    17. We were born to lose
    18. Anniversary of an uninteresting event
    19. Use my skin to hide your secrets in
    20. There are perfumes as fresh as a child's flesh
    21. Dregs
    22. No tragedy is too grand
    23. A heart cannot repent when it doesn't know it's spent its lifetime beating itself to death
    24. I want to keep you alive so there is always the possibility of murder
    25. There is no You, there is only Me
    26. Stockholm Syndrome
    27. Something wicked this way comes
    28. Comfortable liar
    29. We are collapsed in the act of just being here
    30. Have you ever seen anyone shot by a gun without bleeding?
    31. It is so difficult to understand people who speak the truth
    32. White for poison, Black for purity
    33. Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing
    34. Now I live only on your prayers
    35. Nobody minds having what is too good for them
    36. I'll be the phonograph that plays your favorite albums back
    37. You cried for night; it falls: now cry in darkness
    38. I am the bone of my sword
    39. The whispers of your fingertips spoke the words I understood
    40. Breaking porcelain
    41. I will follow you into the dark
    42. Love will be the death of you
    43. A stolen kiss has come too late
    44. You're a shadow that I echo when I sing
    45. The greater wrong of the right
    46. I should be wearing white and you can't afford a ring
    47. Making things easier by dealing easily with things that aren't easy... it's not so easy
    48. Eternity: what a sad word
    49. I hate myself just enough to love him
    50. Every dream and nightmare a reunion with you
    51. Romeo must die
    52. Painting music

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